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I want a red noose clawn

Kids are our legacy. They love to play and have fun. And they like clowns. Spiderman and Vinny the pooh – too. What is the best present for their birthday party?

Our client was an entertainer. A good one. He had left his job to follow his dream – party agency. But to succeed in that journey he needed one important ingredient – customers. And there were none. No one knew what he was capable of. He had a good site but that wasn’t helping much.

He came to us with big dream and small budget. For his luck his competitors were in the comfort zone of just presenting who they are and nothing more. No prices were given. That way they can give prices depending on situation and client. Nobody were making online advertising.

We created several campaigns for search network and remarketing for different users. The small budget was a problem so we did change the matching almost only on exact keywords.

The results: Guess who did most kids parties for 2014? You have only one try. At some point when the budget became normal for this kind of business we had to stop the campaigns because there were no free dates. Everything was booked!

How important is to have an experienced partner? It’s yours call…


Client: Michail

Website: genus-party.com

Category: Service business

Branch: Entertainment

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