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Where are my sport shoes?

Our client had a manager of his campaigns. As a whole they were made it in general good practices with only search network. There was profit but it was so small that it just fills some costs. Every day there were new competitor in the market and it was getting worse. The opinion was it was as everything out there – it works but just until everyone starts to get to it. Then he called us.

We cleared all the non-converting words. We added additional services – display network, remarketing, video. Our non-traditional way to show ads based on where the audience is browsing not just actively searches did make the difference.

The results: 35% improvement of conversion rate and 20% more income. The budget did not change first 2-3 months but later it did. This all resulted in much bigger profits and now the main source of income is Google AdWords. 


Client: Mr Kirilov

Website: sportsektor.com

Category: eCommerce

Branch: Sports Apparel

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