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How can one sell art online?

Our client have tried it alone. He wanted to promote his online art gallery so he can sell Bulgarian paintings to English spoken clients. Prices per click was high, the competition was furious. He managed to get his ads showed to too broad keywords. The daily budget was finished in a matter of hours and the sales was close to none. He was already convinced that this cannot work and its not meant for small companies.

When we talked he realized that the way he does it will never work. We did not change his budget. We changed the campaign. We used the GDN, search and remarketing. Almost all keywords was paused and the CPC prices fell 50%. The first 2-3 weeks nothing big was happening. But then it became a game changer.

The results: from losing the campaign became profitable. Conversation rate was as from horror movie – 0.01%. We did manage to reach 0.75%. This is 750% growth! And with that the sales was exploding through the roof. In a period of 6 months there were customers from all around the world. Many of which returned several times.

The budget is not important anymore. It is not an expense. For every dollar he sped our client knew how many he will have back. It happens that Google AdWords works. It just does not do it by itself…


Client: Stefan

Website: artonlinebg.com

Category: eCommerce

Branch: Art

Market: English spoken

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